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Oct 11, 2013

CAROLYN MACLEAN (Leicestershire & Rutland Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Senior Probation Officer: for contributions to the management and care of offenders with mental health issues and learning disabilities. 
Oct 2, 2013

JO TIERNEY (Surrey & Sussex Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Senior Probation Officer: for contributions to public protection, including in relation to terrorism and domestic extremism. 
Aug 22, 2013

STEVEN ELLIS (West Yorkshire Probation Trust)

AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Steven is a volunteer with the charity DISC. A former prisoner, he runs art classes and provides peer-mentoring support for people with drug problems, including in HMP Everthorpe (where he served), aimed at aiding their recovery from addiction. He is described in his nomination as “exceptional and truly inspirational” and “by far the most committed, enthusiastic and motivated individual I have had the pleasure of working with”. (This Award is supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust).
Jul 29, 2013

DIANE MCADAM (Avon & Somerset Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Assistant Chief Officer: for good practice in the management and oversight of probation services.
Jul 26, 2013

ALAN LILLY (Cheshire Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Probation Service Officer: for contributions to the management and care of offenders who are veterans of the armed services.
Jul 21, 2013

ROBERT JACKSON (Humberside Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Offender Manager: for dedication and skill in the role of Court Liaison Officer to local judges and magistrates.
Jul 20, 2013

LINDA TUNE & ROBERT WEBSTER (Lancashire Probation Trust)

COMMENDEES 2012-13: Partnership Officer (Probation) & Streetscene Manager (Chorley Council): for contributions to a work skills-based approach to community payback.
Jul 19, 2013

JAN PEARCE (Leicestershire & Rutland Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Senior Probation Officer: for contributions to the provision of effective health advice and support to offenders, including peer mentors.
Jul 18, 2013


COMMENDEES 2012-13: Senior Probation Officers: for contributions to the engagement of offenders in London Probation services.
Jul 13, 2013


COMMENDEES 2012-13: Multidisciplinary team: for contributions to the “Positive Futures” programme aimed at tackling offending among short term prisoners.
Jul 12, 2013

KATE BROOKSBANK (West Yorkshire Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Probation Officer: for contributions to victim support and reducing reoffending through restorative justice.
Aug 3, 2012

FAWZI T FAWZI (London Probation Trust)

AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Described as a “visionary”, as Head of IT Development at London Probation, Fawzi had the idea for and has overseen the introduction of an IT system which has brought huge improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, enables managers to better manage their staff, allows staff to better manage the offenders in their care, and helps everyone in London Probation to keep informed and up to date. LondonNet complements the national OMNI system and Fawzi is now developing similar systems for other Trusts. (This Award is supported by the Indigo […]
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