Award Winners and Commendees

Our most recent cohort of Annual Award Winners and Commendees is detailed below. For details on previous year’s Winners, please use the browse / search functions on the right (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).

2023-24 Award Winners

Gill Adams (Carmarthenshire Youth Justice Service)
[keywords: young people, leadership]
Caragh Arthur (HMPPS HQ)
[keywords: reducing reoffending, employment]
Irfa Chaudhri (Heathrow IRC)
[keywords: skills training, arts]
Justin Laidler (North Tyneside Youth Justice Service)
[keywords: young people, families]
Neil Mackintosh (HMP Wealstun)
[keywords: catering, wellbeing, education]
Gloria McKenna (Probation Board For Northern Ireland)
[keywords: resettlement, supervision]
Amie Mole (West Midlands Probation)
[keywords: administration, safeguarding]
Winston Rose (HMP Downview)
[keywords: female offenders, skills training]
Anita Tremain (HMP Isis)
[keywords: equalities, diversity]
Jamie Williams (HMP & YOI Parc)
[keywords: young offenders, skills training, wellbeing]

2023-24 Commendees

David Adamson & Michaela Fennell-Hyden (HMP Stafford)
[keywords: skills training, safer custody]
Scott Boal (HMP Buckley Hall)
[keywords: safer custody, staff wellbeing]
Wendy Brennan (HMP Bullingdon)
[keywords: staff wellbeing, staff training]
Patrick Brown (HMP Birmingham)
[keywords: physical education, jailcraft, wellbeing]
James Chapman (HMP Manchester)
[keywords: segregation, jailcraft]
Trish Dudley (HMP Huntercombe)
[keywords: foreign nationals, resettlement]
John Dunleavy (Southwood Approved Premises)
[keywords: resettlement, reducing reoffending]
Victoria Eccleston (Edith Rigby House Approved Premises)
[keywords: female offenders, employment, resettlement]
Kathy Gill (Wirral Youth Justice Service)
[keywords: young people, leadership]
Lisa Gray (Barton Moss Secure Care Centre)
[keywords: young people, interventions]
Alison Heatrick (HMP Maghaberry)
[keywords: catering, skills training]
Aimee Jones (HMP Manchester)
[keywords: security, intelligence, counter-terrorism]
Debbie Jones (Bridgend Youth Justice Service)
[keywords: young people, families, trauma]
Jahangir Miah (HMP Swinfen Hall)
[keywords: chaplaincy, extremism]
Anita Payne (HMP Maghaberry)
[keywords: jailcraft, activities]
Nichola Pennington (Southwood Approved Premises)
[keywords: resettlement, leadership]
Barbara Reagan (HMP Askham Grange)
[keywords: staff support, staff wellbeing, administration]
Alison Sabaroche (Hammersmith & Fulham Youth Justice Service)
[keywords: young people, leadership]
Kevin Thomas (HMP Swansea)
[keywords: veterans, peer mentoring]
Barclay Tierney (HMP & YOI Polmont)
[keywords: young offenders, employment, education]
Greg Van Nuil (HMP Dumfries)
[keywords: gardens, wellbeing, mental health]