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Nov 3, 2014

AMBER BETCHLEY (Kent, Surrey & Sussex CRC)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Amber is granted a Commendation for “going the extra mile” in her role as a Probation Service Officer with drug offenders in the Brighton & Hove area, and for the knowledge, professionalism and dedication she brings to her role.
Oct 27, 2014

LOUISA CROWSLEY (Kent, Surrey & Sussex CRC)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Louisa earns a Commendation for her work as a Peer Mentor Co-ordinator, in establishing a recovery-focused peer mentoring scheme for drug and alcohol users in Surrey.
Oct 19, 2014

JULIE GREENSLADE (National Probation Service, South West & South Central)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Julie receives a Commendation for her calm and committed work as a Probation Case Administrator in Wiltshire; she is described as “the glue that holds the team together” and “a true leader amongst her peers”.
Oct 5, 2014

SHARON THOMPSON (National Probation Service, London)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Sharon is granted a Commendation for all-round excellence in her role as a Probation Officer in the London area, in particular in her management of especially complex, high-risk and high-profile cases.
Oct 1, 2014

MICHAEL WINNINGTON (Probation Board for Northern Ireland)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Michael earns a Commendation for his work at the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, described as “the benchmark for PBNI practice”, with some of the most challenging offenders in the system.
Nov 5, 2013

MATTHEW ASHWORTH (West Yorkshire Probation)

AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Matthew is a Probation Officer who was nominated for developing an innovative approach to tackling burglary by 18-21 year olds in Leeds. His approach, part of the Safer Leeds Burglary Strategy, incorporates one-to-one interventions and group-work, based on the findings of desistance-research, as well as links to education and skills training, and housing and employment services. It has contributed to a 30% drop in burglary locally since its launch. (This Award is supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust.)
Nov 1, 2013

MELVA BURTON & LISA TEDSTILL (West Yorkshire Probation)

AWARD WINNERS 2013-14: Melva, from Yorkshire & Humberside Circles of Support & Accountability, and Lisa, from West Yorkshire Probation, are awarded for their contributions to the risk management of sexual offenders in the community. Through their skill and dedication they drove forward the Circles-approach in West Yorkshire, and integrated it within the MAPPA system, as well as developing a unique, peer-support based approach for offenders falling outside the scope of Circles itself. (This Award is supported by G4S Care & Justice Services.)
Oct 31, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2013-14: Mark and Liz from West Yorkshire Probation, and Janet from the Court Service, receive their Award for developing and implementing the Dynamic Change Model of offender management. The evidence-based model, under which sentence planning is postponed until after disposal, saved almost £1M in its first year, and has contributed to significant reductions in adjournments, breaches and re-offending. Their approach is now being rolled out nationally. 
Oct 23, 2013

ANGIE BATHAM (Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Senior Probation Officer: for contributions to public protection through the management of high risk offenders. 
Oct 17, 2013

JANICE FRANCE (Greater Manchester Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Probation Operations Manager: for contributions to safeguarding children and the prevention of child sexual exploitation. 
Oct 16, 2013

EVE-MARIE FURNESS (Greater Manchester Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Probation Service Officer: for skill and dedication in addressing the move-on housing needs of offenders in Approved Premises. 
Oct 13, 2013

HILARY KEARNS (Probation Board of Northern Ireland; PBNI)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Administrative Officer: for dedication and skill in supporting probation staff, both practically and emotionally, in their work with offenders. 
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