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Nov 25, 2015

DR JULIE CARLISLE & SARAH KANE (National Probation Service, North West)

AWARD WINNERS 2015-16: Sarah, a Probation Officer with NPS North West, based in Merseyside, and Julie, a Clinical Psychologist at Mersey Care NHS Trust, are described as “an inspirational duo”, and win an Award for their role in developing the innovative Psychologically Informed Consultation Service, which supports probation staff in the management and care of offenders with a personality disorder. [This Award is sponsored by Interserve.]
Nov 21, 2015


AWARD WINNER 2015-16: Hannah is granted an Award for her outstanding contribution to equality and diversity in her role as Diversity Officer at Essex CRC, taking an “already impressive effort” and giving it what her nominator called “the Hannah treatment” – driving through improvements in policy and practice, building links with other agencies, and achieving national praise from the charity Stonewall. [This Award is sponsored by G4S Care & Justice Services.]
Nov 11, 2015

JOANNE WOOD (Kent, Surrey & Sussex CRC)

AWARD WINNER 2015-16: Joanne is a Probation Officer with Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC. She is granted an Award for outstanding dedication and all-round excellence in her work with persistent prolific offenders. According to the colleague who nominated her, “if there was a mould for the perfect probation officer it would be in the shape of Joanne Wood.” [This Award is sponsored by Serco Home Affairs.]
Nov 1, 2015


COMMENDEE 2015-16: Paul is granted a Commendation for the high level dedication, skill and creativity he has brought to all aspects of his role as a Housing Liaison Officer with Essex CRC.
Oct 31, 2015


COMMENDEE 2015-16: Andy receives a Commendation for his work as a volunteer with Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire & Rutland CRC, in helping to turn around ‘Minnie’s Friends’, a drop-in centre “for vulnerable people of all ages”.
Oct 21, 2015


COMMENDEE 2015-16: Nigel, a Senior Probation Officer with London CRC, is Commended in particular for his work in developing one-to-one interventions for offenders not suitable for accredited group programmes.
Oct 15, 2015

ALLAN MCGINLEY (South Lanarkshire Council)

COMMENDEE 2015-16: Allan, from the Wise Group, is Commended for his work, drawing on personal experience, in supporting offenders with complex needs and helping to prevent knife crime in South Lanarkshire.
Oct 13, 2015

DAVID MORRIS (Kent, Surrey & Sussex CRC)

COMMENDEE 2015-16: David receives a Commendation for the high level commitment and quality he demonstrates in all aspects of his role as a Support Services Assistant at Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC.
Oct 11, 2015


      COMMENDEES 2015-16: Andrew and Lisa from Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset & Wiltshire CRC, and Sue from Swindon-based care-provider SEQOL, are Commended for their contribution to the management and care of people with autism.
Nov 27, 2014

JAMES BAMFORD (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire CRC)

AWARD WINNER 2014-15: James, now a Senior Probation Officer at BGSW CRC, is granted an Award for all-round excellence in his work as a Probation Officer in Wiltshire, and was nominated in particular for helping to transform, and secure the long term future of, a hostel threatened with closure. According to his nomination, his achievements “go well above and beyond what could be expected of any individual in the context of their normal working day”.
Nov 15, 2014

DAVID MINERS (National Probation Service, South West & South Central)

AWARD WINNER 2014-15: Now a MAPPA Co-ordinator with the National Probation Service, and described in his nomination as “a dedicated and highly resilient individual”, David wins an Award for his work as a Probation Manager, in turning around a failing Approved Premises in the Avon and Somerset area, and ensuring the effective and compassionate management and care of those residents with mental health issues.
Nov 13, 2014

PRISCILLA SAMUEL (National Probation Service, London)

AWARD WINNER 2014-15: Priscilla receives an Award for her work as a Probation Officer with offenders, often high-risk and high-profile, who have been charged with terrorism offences. Widely praised for her skill and professionalism by colleagues both inside probation and more widely, the head of the National Probation Service in London described Priscilla as “a shining example of excellent professional probation practice”. [This Award is supported by Interserve.]
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