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Jul 1, 2021

#HiddenHeroes #CharityChallenge

In the run up to this year’s #HiddenHeroesDay – on 29 September – the Butler Trust is organising a national #HiddenHeroes #CharityChallenge in aid of Mental Health UK.
Jun 3, 2021

Nominations open for 2021-22 Butler Trust Awards!

Nominations are now open for this year’s Butler Trust Awards - help us give credit where it's due #HiddenHeroes
Feb 22, 2021

The Knowledge Exchange launched

Today we launched the Knowledge Exchange website, as part of our work to help promote good practice across the criminal justice system.
Jan 12, 2021

2020-21 Butler Trust Winners Announced

The 2020-21 Butler Trust Award Winners and Commendees have just been announced.
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Patrick ‘Pat’ Bannigan, who works for the Staffordshire & West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company as part of the Reducing Reoffending Partnership, is a Resettlement Case Worker who has focused on Finance, Benefit & Debt with extraordinary results – including helping service users deal with debts of around £10 million and helping them set up over 2,500 bank accounts. [This Award is supported by G4S Care & Justice Services.]
Jan 1, 2021

ZAHID BHATTI (HMP/YOI Wormwood Scrubs)

AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Zahid Bhatti is a Band 7 Managing Chaplain & Imam at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, and has helped lead an impressively large and multifaith community offering support and comfort for those in his care. [This Award is supported by Ingeus.]
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: George Blake has been a Prison Officer for a third of a century, and his previous manager and one of his nominators, now retired, summed it up well: “when I think of HMP Dartmoor and its staff, I think of Officer George Blake. His wealth of experience and knowledge is invaluable, having worked in nearly every department we offer as a service – from walking the landings to teaching programmes, he is someone I have personally been to for advice, as I know many others have.” [This […]
Jan 1, 2021

JO BROWN (HMP Holme House)

AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Jo Brown is a Prison Officer at HMP Holme House who has taken her voluntary role, as a Family Liaison Officer, to new heights. Her work with families and offenders around terminal diagnoses, death, and bereavement, is a case study in truly excellent practice at one of the most difficult times imaginable. [This Award is supported by Sodexo Justice Services.]
Jan 1, 2021

WAYNE HODGES (HMPPS Drug Strategy & Delivery Unit)

AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Wayne Hodges works for the National Drug Strategy and Delivery Team at HMPPS HQ, and received an Award for his work helping create and lead an innovative and successful Incentivised Substance Free Living scheme, developed for the ‘10 Prison’ project, which is now being explored more widely across the estate. [This Award is supported by Mitie Care & Custody.]
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Alice Jones is an outstanding example of a great teacher imaginatively supporting prisoners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN)[1] at HMP Parc in Wales. Her unique combination of skills and gifts has achieved remarkable results – as testified to by numerous nominations, including several prisoners. In addition, her own personal support for colleagues working across the establishment is widely recognised and deeply appreciated. [This Award is supported by The Bromley Trust.]
Jan 1, 2021

JOY KEENAN (North West National Probation Service)

AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Joy Keenan is a Senior Probation Officer in Liverpool’s Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Unit based in Wavertree Police Station, and her Award is for her outstanding and inspirational contribution to tackling knife crime. [This Award is supported by Serco Justice Services.]
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Ricardo Lafuente-Dyer has spent 30 years as a Prison Officer at HMP Pentonville, where he is currently a Custodial Manager, and receives his Award in recognition of his outstanding, imaginative and innovative work tackling gang violence. [This Award is supported by MTC.]
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