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Many nominations are initiated by managers. However, we also welcome nominations from people’s colleagues and the offenders they work with.

To encourage nominations in your workplace, it would help if you could:

  • set up a local nominations panel to identify potential nominees;
  • place our promotional posters where both staff and offenders can see them;
  • consider posting notices to staff and offenders encouraging nominations.

Posters and suggested wording for publicity notices can be found below.

Please do let us have any nominations you receive, even if you don’t think they’re likely to win an Award. Being nominated shows people their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we write to all nominees whatever the outcome.

Promtional posters

If you would like us to send you some posters please contact us, or you can click on the image to download and print some yourself.

Publicity notices

Here’s some wording you might want to use for notices to staff and prisoners/residents/service users etc (feel free to adapt it to your needs).

Nominations for this year’s Butler Trust Awards are now open. The Awards are for people working in custodial, probation and youth justice settings across the UK – and the Trust welcomes nominations from both staff and prisoners/residents/service users.

Details of the Awards, and nomination forms, can be found on the Butler Trust website – www.butlertrust.org.uk – or from your local Butler Trust champion: {NAME}.

Please note: the local Butler Trust champion will need to collect some additional information before forwarding nominations to the Trust, and the deadline for all the paperwork is 30 June. So please do get your initial nominations to your local champion as soon as possible (and please do NOT send them direct to the Trust).

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