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ROBERT JACKSON (Humberside Probation Trust)

ROBERT JACKSON (Humberside Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Offender Manager: for dedication and skill in the role of Court Liaison Officer to local judges and magistrates.

Offender Manager Robert Jackson of Humberside Probation Trust’s Grimsby court team has been commended for his ‘dedication and skill in the role of Court Liaison Officer to local judges and magistrates,’.

Robert has worked for the court team since 2001, and is highly respected by colleagues from across his own organisation and other criminal justice agencies, all of whom praise his calm, reassuring and unfailingly professional presence in court, along with his clarity of vision, compassion and ability to engage.

What also shines through is his genuine passion for the work. Described by one judge as ‘an exemplar for the probation service,’ he was said to represent ‘all that is best’ about the service by the Chair of the court’s probation liaison forum.

Robert sees the role of probation staff in courts as very much a ‘showcase’ activity. ‘It may be that an offender has never encountered the probation service before and it is important that he or she has a clear idea of the expectations placed upon them, as well as what they can expect from us,’ he says.

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