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AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Mick, a Treatment Manager at HMP Whatton and former Prison Officer, was nominated for his outstanding contribution, over more than two decades, to the treatment of sexual offenders. He is a highly-skilled and compassionate treatment facilitator, an excellent manager, and widely-respected national trainer. He is also a recognised expert in working with sexual offenders with an intellectual disability, and has led the adaptation of programmes for this particular group. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA)).

Intellectually disabled sex offenders (IDSOs) form about 30 per cent of the sex offender population and are not well understood by many in the criminal justice system.

Mick Pykett’s inspirational work with these prisoners as well as other sex offenders at HMP Whatton – and with staff who need support in working with them – has earned him a Butler Trust Award.

Since the sex offender and treatment programme (SOTP) started in 1992, Mick has been working with this vulnerable group, fighting their corner and promoting their needs. In doing so he has shown outstanding dedication, skill and creativity, according to colleagues, who praised his warm, inspiring treatment approach, ‘which manages to instil both hope for the future and a desire for change.’ He has constantly ‘gone the extra mile’, offering support to those who need advice with managing their offending behaviour, even after they have left prison, and reinforcing in them the belief that they can change.

Initially volunteering to help develop a treatment approach for IDSOs, Mick became dedicated to improving the design of these services. He has been a strong force in shaping a programme that can now be delivered in both custody and community settings and has helped to ensure accreditation of a suite of adapted sex offender programmes, complete with manuals for the course, booster course and maintenance programme. He is always looking to make the programme accessible to whoever needs it and recently developed SOTP for deaf offenders. The most experienced member of HM Prison Service to work with this client group, Mick has been personally involved in the treatment of more than 200 men.

This proactive and inspiring approach has not just benefited the IDSOs. With his vast knowledge and experience in this area, Mick has supported a team of highly skilled facilitators, assisting them through many difficult and challenging times and is seen as an outstanding role model.

‘I have always been passionate about helping offenders change,’ he says. ‘If I have prevented one man from committing another sexual offence during my time as a practitioner then I have done my job, but I know I have helped hundreds of men lead offence-free lives so they can positively contribute to society.’

• Mick Pykett’s Award was supported by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA).

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