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About us
Background to the Trust [updated July 2015]
What we do: Annual Awards; Alumni Programme; Dissemination [updated April 2018]
Trustees, Patrons and staff [updated June 2018] Funders [updated March 2018]

Charity & Company information
Governing documents – Mem & ArtsBye-Laws [updated April 2012]
Charity Commission entry – inc financial history [Charity Commission – updated annually]
Companies House entry – inc annual returns [Companies House – updated annually]

Planning and budget
2021-24 Strategic Plan [to be reviewed March 2021]
2021-22 Business Plan [to be reviewed March 2021]
2021-22 Budget [to be reviewed March 2021]
2018-21 Strategic Plan [updated June 2018]
2020-21 Business Plan [updated June 2020]
2020-21 Budget [updated June 2020]
2015-18 Strategic Plan [updated June 2015]
2019-20 Business Plan [updated June 2019]
2019-20 budget [updated June 2019]

Policies and Procedures
[Timetable for Review of Policies & Procedures]
Bribery Act [updated September 2020]
Business Continuity Procedures [updated June 2020]
Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy [updated December 2020]
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures [updated June 2020]
Equality & Respect Policy [to be approved March 2021]
Health and Safety Policy [updated September 2020]
Recruitment & Selection Policy [updated December 2020]
Reserves and Investments Policy [updated September 2020]
Staff Remuneration Procedures [updated June 2017]
Training & Development Policy [updated December 2020]
Travel & Subsistence Guidelines [updated December 2020]

Role of Trustees
Charity Trustee welcome pack [Charity Commission – April 2018]
Charity Trustee: What’s involved [Charity Commission – updated July 2015]
The Essential Trustee: What you need to know [Charity Commission – updated July 2015]
Butler Trust Trustee role description & guidance [updated June 2017]
Treasurer role description & guidance [updated June 2017]
Chair role description & guidance [updated June 2017]
Governance Group overview & guidance [updated June 2017]

Being a Patron
Butler Trust Patron role description [updated April 2012]

Other useful information
Charity Governance Code [updated July 2017]
Criminal Justice dictionary [CJ Alliance]
Glossary of terms / jargon [Inside Time]

Butler Trust on Twitter
@ButlerTrust – News from the Butler Trust
@Offender_Mgmt – News from the wider offender management field

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