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COMMENDEE 2019-20: Danny is Commended for his work as HMP/YOI Portland’s Industries Manager, turning the prison’s industries, in the words of the Governor, “from a small under-performing function, into the jewel in Portland’s crown”.

Danny’s initial nominator, Weston College’s Deputy Curriculum Manager, James Mowlam, focuses on a recent project – creating a Farm Shop for the local community which carries bespoke carpentry projects, flowers and hanging baskets created by learners at Portland and other prisons. He says that “throughout my team’s involvement in this project, Daniel has really led the way, and ensured all the necessary materials, equipment was in place and ready for us to use. This enabled my team and our establishment colleagues to work as a truly effective team, and turn an old shed into a fully functional high-quality finished building, that was ready to be used in under a week.” He adds that:

“Daniel demonstrates excellent leadership and management, is supportive and approachable, and continues to go over and above the call of duty for his colleagues and the wider establishment.”

Butler Trust Local Champion and Portland’s Head of Business Assurance, Jo Davies, explains more about the Jailhouse Farm shop project in the Governor’s Gardens at Portland. “This was a fantastic team effort and a team event which was driven by Danny. This involved workshop instructors from both prison industry and Weston College working together – utilising their individual skills to create a beautiful farm shop.” Jo calls it “a great initiative as there has not previously been a Farm Shop on the Island of Portland so local people previously had to drive to Weymouth to get bedding plants and compost.” It’s also “an outlet for prison goods sold to raise money to help men on release with tools and clothing to help them get employment”, and men released on temporary licence also work in the shop, “which aids their reintegration into society.” Jo says:

“Danny stands out of the crowd because he does so much for the prison and local community. His commitment to HMP & YOI Portland is second to none. No one knows HMP & YOI Portland as well as Danny Terrey.”

Although the Industry Manager, Danny “also takes on an unofficial role as the prison’s groundsman or caretaker”, explains Jo. “Portland is situated at the top of a cliff. It is beautiful and many of the surrounding areas are deemed Sites of Specific Scientific Interest. Opposite the prison is the Governor’s Gardens. These used to be closed to the public. Danny worked with a local organisation, the Portland Community Action group, to get the gardens opened up so that it could be a safe space for the community to use. They successfully bid for money and had play equipment put into the gardens which is used by the local community but also by the young families of the men we have in custody before and after they visit their loved ones.”

During this work, Danny created a nature garden in the Governors garden and this was so successful that the Governor’s Community Garden has now been given Site of Specific Scientific interest status. “Danny did not work alone on this but he was the one that made it happen from the Prison’s side,” adds Jo. “He was the point of contact. He did all the troubleshooting.”

Within the Governor’s Community Garden is the Officer Bowls Club, a valuable source of company and community for local retired former staff from HMP & YOI Portland. Jo reports that “if there are any issues they come to Danny if they need anything doing, they come to Danny. Some of the members can’t get down to the bowling green anymore and so they are thrilled that they can still enjoy the gardens and have a hot drink and some company at the Jailhouse Farm Shop since it opened. As Danny says, ‘it’s brilliant for the local community.’”

Colleagues wanted add their own testimonials, too. Nigel Duggan, Head of Reducing Reoffending at Portland, says “Danny took industries over in 2014 when there was only one workshop – Waste Management. There are now 11. It’s like running 11 small companies. Within the workshops he ensures we fulfil contracts with the Ministry of Defence making crates, restoring hydraulic Jacks and making camouflage nets. We also have some commercial workshops making perfume oils. We also provide a laundry service to prisons in the South West, deliver forklift truck driving qualifications and have a bike maintenance workshop.”

Jo Webb, People Hub Manager at Portland adds:

“The Farm Shop is amazing and is only just one example of how Danny does more than he asked to do… The ‘community pay back team’ maintain the gardens for him which provide valuable work places for people on court ordered licence conditions. Danny is the point of contact for this work and hosts their placement with us. This has nothing to do with his proper job as a very successful Industries Manager! Danny really put Portland Prison Industries on the map within the Public Sector Prison Industries world.”

Public Sector Prison Industries’ Jemma Good confirms this, noting Danny’s “energy and enthusiasm” as “the driver that saw the creation and implementation of approximately 160 new work placements, offering valuable daily activity and skills development in a number of areas to assist in building a purposeful, decent regime for the prison, with increased opportunities for prisoners to develop and practice new skills to assist them in future employment.” Jemma notes that Danny’s leadership on “the technical Ministry of Justice Jacks workshop and the improvements within the waste management department, offering fiscal savings and relevant skills development have both been hailed as good practice nationally. Danny has been an excellent ambassador for Industries, sharing his passion for his role and the good practice he has introduced with other Industries professionals from across the country at a national conference.”

Portland’s Governor Steve Hodson is also full of praise, explaining how Danny took industries “from a small under-performing function into the jewel in Portland’s crown. It operates multiple complex workshops delivering contracts for HMPPS and the MoD to an exceptionally high standard. Danny leads his team of Instructors incredibly well and his support and guidance is essential in them achieving the consistently high standards that they do.” Steve goes on:

“But Danny is much, much more than the Industries Manager at Portland. His leadership of a diverse group of staff, both directly employed by HMPPS and by some of our key stakeholders, has led to the delivery of a beautiful Farm Shop in conjunction with Expia, a charitable organisation that helps us manage the shop. The drive, ambition and enthusiasm that Danny showed in delivering this project was the primary reason that it has been able to open and deliver a first-class Farm and coffee shop to the local community. More importantly the project is also delivering real work experience in horticulture, business and customer service to Portland prisoners on ROTL. The Gardens have become such an important area for the local community and this is credited to Danny almost exclusively. In my 26 years of Prison Service I have never worked with anyone who has the same work ethic as Danny Terrey.”

Danny himself says “a very rewarding aspect” of his role is “seeing local people using the facilities and ensuring that Portland as an establishment continues to develop as a pillar of the community.” He adds that he is “proud that these workshops not only give Portland the opportunity to maintain and build on partnerships [and] embody the spirit of Rehabilitative Culture that is so important at Portland and giving residents the focus and chance to change their lives.”

Generously thanking “previous managers that have inspired me to work hard and motivate everyone, staff, prisoners, friends and family to be the same”, Danny adds that, “as a person that has lived on Portland all my life, I feel it is vital that that the establishment maintains its role in the community but also supports its residents through this process.” He also offers an interesting explanation for his approach to his work. “Whilst I have been the Industries Manager, it has been identified that I am severely dyslexic and therefore feel that I have had to work twice as hard in order to achieve. I feel that this relatively recent diagnosis has helped answer why I work the way that I do i.e. face-to-face and hands on. I can therefore empathise with the residents and the battles that some have had with the barriers they have faced. I always encourage everybody to try to achieve their potential.”


With thanks to HMP & YOI Portland and initial nominator and Weston College Deputy Curriculum Manager James Mowlam, to Butler Trust Local Champion and Portland’s Head of Business Assurance Jo Davies, to Portland colleagues Nigel Duggan and Jo Webb, to Public Sector Prison Industries’ Jemma Good, and to Portland’s Governor Steve Hodson, for their contributions.

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