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Aug 31, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Adrian is a former Prison Officer and band member who was asked to take on the role of music teacher at Ashfield. He trained in his own time and proved a gifted teacher. Wanting to do something more vocational, he then retrained, on his own initiative, as a plumbing instructor, and in 2006 set up a workshop and plumbing course in the establishment. An inspiration to colleagues and offenders, Adrian has continued to develop his own skills and expand the range of skills he teaches. (This Award […]
Aug 30, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Angeline is the Resettlement Team Leader at Bronzefield, where she has worked since 2004. She was nominated by colleagues and offenders for her outstanding work on behalf of the women in the prison and the care, skill and creativity she has brought to her face-to-face work with offenders, and to her role in developing services to meet their needs, including the first prison-based branch of the Women’s Institute which she set up. (This Award is supported by the Wates Foundation).
Aug 28, 2013

SARAH-JANE BAILEY (Cardiff Youth Offending Service)

AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Sarah-Jane was nominated for her work on the Cardiff “StaySafe” initiative, bringing together the police, ambulance services, victim support, street pastors, the licensing authorities and others, to target high risk events and locations, and protect young people from committing or becoming victims of crime and anti-social behaviour. Sarah-Jane developed the initiative, forged the partnership relationships which under-pin it, and remains the driving force behind it.
Aug 27, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2012-13: Kevin and Derek from HMP Edinburgh, Martin from SPS HQ and Irene from Lothian & Borders Police are awarded for their contributions to the development and management of the establishment’s “Prison Watch Scheme”. The scheme engages the local community and prisoners’ families in helping to keep the prison and its surroundings safe, has contributed to a dramatic reduction in prohibited items entering the prison and is now being rolled out across the estate.
Aug 26, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Liz is the Head of Healthcare at HMP Full Sutton. She has transformed the healthcare provision there, introducing a range of services to improve patient care and reduce the need for hospital visits, including: tele-medicine consultations; visiting MRI and retinal-scanning services; in-house haemodialysis; and a palliative care suite. She has also set up a drug free wing and introduced protocols to improve the control of prescription medicines. (This Award is supported by Serco Civil Government).
Aug 25, 2013

BARRY DONOVAN (HMP Isle of Wight – Parkhurst)

AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Barry is an Officer at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight. In addition to working full time on a residential unit, Barry is the driving force behind the “Leopard Studio” music recording workshop in the prison. Barry had the idea for the studio, raised the money for it, developed an accredited training course to help ensure that the prisoners involved learn and can demonstrate practical work-related skills, and continues to dedicate much of his own time to the project. (Barry is also awarded the “Keith Bromley Award for Education & […]
Aug 24, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Sandra, from the drugs charity Lifeline, has been manager of the multi-disciplinary substance misuse team at HMP Liverpool since 2009. Through her personal drive and dedication, she has transformed what was previously a failing area of the establishment in to a high quality, integral part of the prison regime, linked closely with outside partner agencies, to ensure that offenders receive the support they need, both in prison and after release. (This Award is supported by G4S Care & Justice Services).
Aug 23, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2012-13: Kevin from charity Media for Development, and Donovan & Simon from Kensington & Chelsea College, were nominated for their contributions to “Radio Wanno”. The 24-hour, prisoner-led radio station provides vocational skills training to those employed on it, and high quality information, advice and guidance to prisoners across the establishment. As project manager, Kevin is the driving force behind the station, while Simon and Donovan train and support the prisoners involved. (This Award is supported by Sodexo Justice Services).
Aug 22, 2013

STEVEN ELLIS (West Yorkshire Probation Trust)

AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Steven is a volunteer with the charity DISC. A former prisoner, he runs art classes and provides peer-mentoring support for people with drug problems, including in HMP Everthorpe (where he served), aimed at aiding their recovery from addiction. He is described in his nomination as “exceptional and truly inspirational” and “by far the most committed, enthusiastic and motivated individual I have had the pleasure of working with”. (This Award is supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust).
Aug 21, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Mick, a Treatment Manager at HMP Whatton and former Prison Officer, was nominated for his outstanding contribution, over more than two decades, to the treatment of sexual offenders. He is a highly-skilled and compassionate treatment facilitator, an excellent manager, and widely-respected national trainer. He is also a recognised expert in working with sexual offenders with an intellectual disability, and has led the adaptation of programmes for this particular group. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA)).
Jul 30, 2013


COMMENDEE 2012-13: Substance Misuse Manager: for contributions to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme at HMP/YOI Ashfield.
Jul 29, 2013

DIANE MCADAM (Avon & Somerset Probation Trust)

COMMENDEE 2012-13: Assistant Chief Officer: for good practice in the management and oversight of probation services.
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