Governing Governors’ Winter Symposium

December 13-14th 2022, Keble College, University of Oxford

In December 2022, we invited Governing Governors across the country to a two-day symposium at Keble College, Oxford.

The principle focus of the event was on what Governing Governors can do locally:
a) to reduce some of the pressures of governing; and
b) to boost the morale and job satisfaction of their staff.

In spite of a rail strike and Arctic conditions, 41 Governing Governors took part. Their findings, in the form of two “Governing Governors’ guides for Governing Governors”, were circulated afterwards by HMPPS, and can be found below. While we drafted both papers, the guidance and recommendations they contain are the Governors’ themselves.

Governing Governors’ Guidance for Governing Governors – on boosting staff morale and retention

Governing Governors’ Guidance for Governing Governors – on managing the pressures of governing