The Alumni Programme, which is open to all our Award Winners and Commendees, helps participants to build on their achievements and supports their on-going professional development.

Certificate PresentationThe first part of the programme is a three day taught course on ‘Developing Good Practice in Correctional Settings’.

Day one focuses on what the participants did to merit their Award or Commendation, and what obstacles they had to overcome in the process.

The second and third days focus on how the Award Winners and Commendees can learn from and build on their achievements, and further develop their professional skills.

In addition, all those who take part in the programme are offered optional one-to-one coaching and support sessions, focusing on particular aspects of their professional development.

quote-x36The Alumni Programme is really worth doing! It gives you a chance to think about and review your work.”

quote-x36The Programme really helped build my confidence and think about how to move forward in the future.”

quote-x36A brilliant mix of learning and peer support… it feels really good to be part of such a passionate group of people.”

quote-x36Expect to meet some awesome people on the Alumni Programme! No matter your age, you will learn so much.”

quote-x36The Alumni Programme allowed me to travel on a journey with my peers, share ideas and make new friends…”

quote-x36So much of what you learn on the Programme can be used both personally and professionally.”