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Aug 25, 2013

BARRY DONOVAN (HMP Isle of Wight – Parkhurst)

AWARD WINNER 2012-13: Barry is an Officer at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight. In addition to working full time on a residential unit, Barry is the driving force behind the “Leopard Studio” music recording workshop in the prison. Barry had the idea for the studio, raised the money for it, developed an accredited training course to help ensure that the prisoners involved learn and can demonstrate practical work-related skills, and continues to dedicate much of his own time to the project. (Barry is also awarded the “Keith Bromley Award for Education & […]
Aug 23, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2012-13: Kevin from charity Media for Development, and Donovan & Simon from Kensington & Chelsea College, were nominated for their contributions to “Radio Wanno”. The 24-hour, prisoner-led radio station provides vocational skills training to those employed on it, and high quality information, advice and guidance to prisoners across the establishment. As project manager, Kevin is the driving force behind the station, while Simon and Donovan train and support the prisoners involved. (This Award is supported by Sodexo Justice Services).
Jul 15, 2013


COMMENDEES 2012-13: Multidisciplinary team: for the development of the Jailhouse Café, a community interest company supporting skills training for offenders.
Aug 8, 2012

CAT JONES (HMP & YOI Doncaster)

AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Cat is Artistic Director and the creative force behind Second Shot Productions at HMP & YOI Doncaster. Second Shot employ prisoners, ex-offenders and others to deliver a range of professional services from film making and graphic design through to drama therapy and arts projects, both in the prison and for outside customers. Offenders are trained towards an industry recognised qualification and many find related jobs on release, some with Second Shot. Profits from all commercial work are fed back in to the company. (This Award is supported by […]
Aug 4, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Officer Naughton has transformed the training and employment opportunities for prisoners at HMP Liverpool. Since his appointment as Employment Liaison Officer, Keith has focused on developing partnership arrangements with local businesses (such as Timpsons, among many others) to train and provide work for offenders within the prison and offer them employment after their release. At the same time, he runs his workshops at a profit, raising additional funds to put back in to the prison regime. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers Association).
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