Celebrating and promoting the best in UK prisons, probation and youth justice


  1. The Awards are open to anyone working in UK prisons (including IRCs), probation, and youth and community justice, whether as paid staff, volunteers or partner agency employees.
  2. The Awards are for people not projects; we welcome nominations for people doing their ordinary job especially well, as much as those doing something innovative.
  3. A nomination is in two parts – the initial nomination, and the supporting documentation (one per nominee in the case of joint nominations).
  4. A. A. A. J. W. P. – Avoid Acronyms And Jargon Wherever Possible – you might know what it means, but you can’t assume our Awarding Panel will too!
  5. The nomination must relate to the nominee’s role in the sector (we would not give an Award to someone for unconnected charity work, for example).
  6. Former offenders can be nominated if their desistance is well established, but those awaiting trial, serving a sentence, or recently released from prison are not eligible.
  7. Someone who was previously nominated unsuccessfully may be nominated again, but you may wish to discuss with us first before doing so.
  8. Subject to the nominee’s consent, please follow up and forward to us (along with the relevant supporting documentation) ALL initial nominations submitted to you.


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