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Notable Practice Trophies

Nov 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural Ruth Mann and Kathy Biggar Trophies, for notable practice in custodial and community settings, respectively, go to: HMP Maghaberry, for “Making visits autism friendly”; and London NPS, for their “Young Adult Transitions” programme.

The other two finalists for the Ruth Mann Trophy were: HMP Full Sutton’s “See the Light” programme (refurbishing fogged windows across the establishment); and the “Problem Support – Peer Mentors Programme” at HMP Wealstun. The other Kathy Biggar Trophy finalists were: the “Student Counselling Service” at East of England NPS; and the “Parent Champions” programme, run by Brilliant Parents for Hillingdon YOT, which supports the families of young people at risk of exploitation.

For more details on the winners, and runners-up, as well as all the other initiatives submitted for this year’s Trophies, please click here.

[NB: the Ruth Mann and Kathy Biggar Trophies are for notable practice, and are distinct from our people-focused Annual Awards. This year’s Butler Trust Award Winners and Commendees will be announced in the New Year.]