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Jan 1, 2021

CAROLYN WOOD (Aycliffe Secure Centre)

COMMENDEE 2020-21: Carolyn Wood is a Specialist Physical Health Nurse who has been in nursing for over three decades. She is Commended for her work at Aycliffe Secure Centre, ‘a secure children’s home providing high quality, specialist secure accommodation for young people between the ages of 10 and 18’, where her leadership, compassion, dedication and commitment to the highest standards is widely admired.
Jan 1, 2020

DENIS LEWIS (Leeds Youth Offending Team)

AWARD WINNER 2019-20: An Operational Manager for the Leeds Youth Justice Service, Denis is granted an Award for the exceptional skill and passion he brings to his work with young people, including those who others find difficult to engage, and as an inspirational line manager, mentor, and role model to colleagues. [This Award is supported by MTC.]
Jan 1, 2020

ED HORWOOD (North Yorkshire Youth Offending Team)

COMMENDEE 2019-20: A Development Officer for the North Yorkshire Youth Offending Team, Ed is Commended for developing, and securing funding for, the innovative ‘Pop Up Shed’, teaching young people vocational skills from a mobile workspace.
Jan 1, 2020

CLAIRE MCCARTNEY (Youth Justice in Scotland)

COMMENDEE 2019-20: Claire is the Operations Manager at the Kibble Education and Care Centre in Paisley. She is Commended for her pivotal role at the heart of a facility for young people at risk of offending, which is now recognised as a national leader.
Jan 1, 2020

HOLLY THURMAN (Croydon Youth Offending Team)

COMMENDEE 2019-20: A Senior Officer for the Croydon Youth Offending Service, Holly is granted a Commendation for the passion and all-round excellence she brings to her role, ensuring ‘Every Child Matters’ is a reality for the young people in her care.
Jan 1, 2019

VANESSA O’DARE (Manchester Youth Offending Team)

AWARD WINNER 2018-19: Vanessa is an Operational Manager for the Manchester Youth Offending Team. She is granted an Award for identifying a gap in provision for special educational needs and disability, and then developing and implementing a suite of work that has transformed delivery in this area. [This Award is sponsored by Mite Care & Custody.]
Jan 1, 2019

SUE PEARSON (Leeds Youth Offending Team)

AWARD WINNER 2018-19: Sue is an Education Officer for the Leeds Youth Offending Team. She wins an Award for the empathy and skill she brings to her “life-changing” work with troubled families, and for the dedication and compassion she demonstrates in addressing the issue of child-to-parent violence. [Sue also receives the Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training, supported by The Bromley Trust.]
Jan 1, 2019

MIFTA CHOUDHURY (Southwark Youth Offending Team)

COMMENDEE 2018-19: Mifta is the founder of the peer-mentoring charity ‘Youth Ink’. He is Commended for his work, in partnership with Southwark Youth Offending Service, assisting children and young people in and around the justice system to develop their potential and lead more fulfilled lives.
Jan 1, 2019

VALERIE WRIGHT (Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service)

COMMENDEE 2018-19: Valerie was a voluntary Community Panel Member with the Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service. She is granted a Commendation for the contribution she made to many hundreds of young lives, through the outstanding dedication, empathy and compassion she brought to her role.
Jan 1, 2018

BRIAN KIRKUP (County Durham YOS)

COMMENDEE 2017-18: Brian is a manager for the County Durham Youth Offending Service, and is Commended for his commitment and skill in delivering a responsive and varied range of opportunities for young people.
Dec 1, 2016

BRIAN MCCLAFFERTY (Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice)

COMMENDEE 2016-17: Brian, a Practice Development Advisor for the Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice, is Commended for his contribution to improving youth justice services in Dumfries and Galloway, and across Scotland.
Nov 27, 2015

SARAH CADEN & SUSAN STEWART (County Durham Youth Offending Service)

AWARD WINNERS 2015-16: Sarah, a Practice Improvement Officer at County Durham YOS, and Susan, a Speech and Language Therapist at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, are described in their nomination as “a fabulous team – our own dynamic duo”, and receive an Award for their outstanding contribution to the management and support of young people with communication difficulties. [This Award is sponsored by Working Links.]
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