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Jan 1, 2022


AWARD WINNER 2021-22: Julie has spent almost a decade in Invisible Walls Wales team at HMP/YOI Parc and been instrumental joining up prisoners, families, and schools. Calling her “a shining exemplar”, Parc Director Janet Wallsgrove says Julie, as ‘Schools and Prisons Family Coordinator, is “now in a pivotal position to break new and vitally important ground within prison reform.” [This Award is supported by The Hanley Trust.]
Jan 1, 2022

SHARON ARNOLD (Oakhill Secure Training Centre)

COMMENDEE 2021-22: This is why ‘M’, a teenage boy in custody at Oakhill Secure Training Centre, wanted to nominate Residential Manager Sharon Arnold:
Jan 1, 2022


COMMENDEE 2021-22: “The first few days in custody for a new reception can be terrifying,” says Max Rumley, Emily Hazard’s initial nominator and her manager at HMP/YOI Doncaster. Emily changed that and has created a wholly different experience on the Early Days Centre (EDC), the unit for new arrivals. A place, says Max, that is now “as welcoming and supportive as possible.”
Jan 1, 2022


COMMENDEE 2021-22: One of the most vivid yet psychologically illuminating pieces of prison slang is ‘Gate fever’, defined by The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice as “the emotional feeling experienced by prison inmates scheduled for release. Gate fever includes anxiety about where they will live, what they will do to earn a living, and whether they will be able to refrain from engaging in crime.” Simeon Sturney’s work, as ‘Through the Gate Chaplain’ for Europe’s largest female prison, zeroes in on a key moment in this period. He calls […]
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Alice Jones is an outstanding example of a great teacher imaginatively supporting prisoners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN)[1] at HMP Parc in Wales. Her unique combination of skills and gifts has achieved remarkable results – as testified to by numerous nominations, including several prisoners. In addition, her own personal support for colleagues working across the establishment is widely recognised and deeply appreciated. [This Award is supported by The Bromley Trust.]
Jan 1, 2021


AWARD WINNER 2020-21: Deanna is a Developmental Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) working for Care UK at HMP Oakwood, who receives her Award for her excellence as a nurse and in particular for her superb contribution to palliative care, described as “gold standard”, including embedding the ‘Dying Well in Custody Charter’ at Oakwood. As several colleagues noted, when patients choose a prison as their preferred place of death, rather than the offer of spending their last days in a local hospice bed, you know that somebody must be doing something right. […]
Jan 1, 2021


COMMENDEE 2020-21: Gayner Holness is a member of the Offender Management Unit at HMP Bronzefield and is Commended for her remarkable Family Engagement work. In addition to that very impressive role, she is also an Offender Supervisor. Her background, working for a charitable organisation supporting vulnerable women, and as a volunteer supporting victims of domestic violence in custody suites in London, clearly informs the empathetic excellence she brings to all she does.
Jan 1, 2021


COMMENDEE 2020-21: Jim Jackson is officially a Senior Industries Manager at HMP Oakwood – unofficially, he’s a clearly remarkable “one off”, the “go-to” person driving remarkable turnarounds among the men with a clear and compassionate focus on delivering to the highest standards.
Jan 1, 2020


COMMENDEE 2019-20: A former Resettlement Manager at HMP Oakwood, Pauline is Commended for setting up ‘Restart Enterprise’, a charity offering support to prisoners on release, from a community hub and food bank, to transport and accommodation.
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