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Jan 1, 2018


COMMENDEE 2017-18: Samira teaches at HMP/YOI Forest Bank and receives a Commendation for developing and implementing the ‘M-powerment’ programme, which is designed to help some of the most vulnerable people in the system.
Jan 1, 2018

CHRIS MUNN (National Probation Service, South West & South Central)

COMMENDEE 2017-18: Chris is a Senior Probation Officer for the National Probation Service, South West & South Central division, and is Commended for her dedication, skill and compassion in leading innovation across the practice.
Jan 1, 2018

RACHEL O’CONNOR (Cheshire & Greater Manchester CRC)

COMMENDEE 2017-18: Rachel works for Cheshire & Greater Manchester CRC and receives a Commendation for the innovative, holistic approach to ‘Through the Gate’ services that she has driven forward at HMPs Risley and Styal.
Jan 1, 2018


COMMENDEE 2017-18: Ray is a Specialist Bicycle Maintenance Instructor at HMP Kirkham; he is Commended, having been nominated by a prisoner, for his dedication and skill in helping to change the lives of the men in his charge.
Jan 1, 2018

TRESSA VAILL (HMP Grendon / Spring Hill)

COMMENDEE 2017-18: Tressa is the Visits Manager at HMP Grendon & Spring Hill, and is Commended for her dedication to helping prisoners and their families to maintain their relationships, and improving the visiting experience for all concerned.
Jan 1, 2018


COMMENDEE 2017-18: Andrew works as a Farm Manager at HMP North Sea Camp, and is Commended for his dedication and skill in sharing the redemptive power of nature and animal husbandry with the men under his tutelage and care.
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