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Oct 11, 2014

VICTORIA KURREIN (HMP Grendon / Spring Hill)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Victoria receives a Commendation for the dedication and skill she displayed in transforming the healthcare service at HMP Grendon and Spring Hill into a widely recognised centre of excellence.
Oct 9, 2014


COMMENDEE 2014-15: Paul, an Officer at HMP Liverpool, earns a Commendation for his work in addressing gang violence: researching and developing a range of tools and partnerships to combat the problem both inside and outside the prison.
Oct 7, 2014


COMMENDEE 2014-15: Bob was nominated for the diverse range of faith-related provision he has established at HMP Addiewell and is Commended for, amongst other things, his “almost incomparable” level of commitment and capacity for work.
Oct 5, 2014

SHARON THOMPSON (National Probation Service, London)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Sharon is granted a Commendation for all-round excellence in her role as a Probation Officer in the London area, in particular in her management of especially complex, high-risk and high-profile cases.
Oct 3, 2014


COMMENDEE 2014-15: Jody, a Supervisory Officer at HMP New Hall, is Commended for her work, much of it in her own time, in developing and providing support for female sex workers. [This Commendation is supported by the Wates Foundation.]
Oct 1, 2014

MICHAEL WINNINGTON (Probation Board for Northern Ireland)

COMMENDEE 2014-15: Michael earns a Commendation for his work at the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, described as “the benchmark for PBNI practice”, with some of the most challenging offenders in the system.
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