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Nov 6, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2013-14: Senior Managers, Lisette and Teresa, Prison Officer, Rhys, and Lead Nurse, Sarah, receive their Award for transforming the management and care of prisoners with learning disabilities at Parc. Their approach includes individualised Supported Living Plans, multi-disciplinary case management, a 14-hour network of NVQ-qualified prisoner support mentors, and specialist education provision and written materials. (This Award is supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust.)
Nov 5, 2013

MATTHEW ASHWORTH (West Yorkshire Probation)

AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Matthew is a Probation Officer who was nominated for developing an innovative approach to tackling burglary by 18-21 year olds in Leeds. His approach, part of the Safer Leeds Burglary Strategy, incorporates one-to-one interventions and group-work, based on the findings of desistance-research, as well as links to education and skills training, and housing and employment services. It has contributed to a 30% drop in burglary locally since its launch. (This Award is supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust.)
Nov 3, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Alan was nominated by prisoners at HMP Spring Hill for his work as an IT tutor there. Through his drive and dedication, the establishment has become one of fewer than 20 sites nationally, and the only prison in the UK, accredited as an academy by Cisco Systems. He is an inspirational teacher and mentor, who goes well beyond his paid role to support his students and, where possible, help them find employment in the industry. (Alan is also granted the Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills […]
Nov 2, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Jade is a Custodial Manager at HMP Exeter. Described as “a role model to staff and prisoners”, she receives her Award in part for her dedication, skill and commitment to excellence as a Wing Manager, and in particular for her work, much of it in her own time, in support of veterans in the prison. A veteran herself, she interviews all former service personnel entering the prison, and has forged links with support agencies to assist them and their rehabilitation. 
Nov 1, 2013

MELVA BURTON & LISA TEDSTILL (West Yorkshire Probation)

AWARD WINNERS 2013-14: Melva, from Yorkshire & Humberside Circles of Support & Accountability, and Lisa, from West Yorkshire Probation, are awarded for their contributions to the risk management of sexual offenders in the community. Through their skill and dedication they drove forward the Circles-approach in West Yorkshire, and integrated it within the MAPPA system, as well as developing a unique, peer-support based approach for offenders falling outside the scope of Circles itself. (This Award is supported by G4S Care & Justice Services.)
Oct 31, 2013


AWARD WINNERS 2013-14: Mark and Liz from West Yorkshire Probation, and Janet from the Court Service, receive their Award for developing and implementing the Dynamic Change Model of offender management. The evidence-based model, under which sentence planning is postponed until after disposal, saved almost £1M in its first year, and has contributed to significant reductions in adjournments, breaches and re-offending. Their approach is now being rolled out nationally. 
Oct 30, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2013-14: A Custodial Manager, Andy was nominated for transforming the resettlement of offenders at HMP Liverpool. He set up and trained a network of staff to act as Community Prison Officers, forged close links with outside agencies, and developed a mentoring programme for short-term prisoners with Sefton CVS. Together, these initiatives have helped ensure a seamless, through-the-gate resettlement process, including for those serving under 12 months. (This Award is supported by Sodexo Justice Services.)
Oct 28, 2013

PETER LOCK (HMP Liverpool)

AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Peter is a Probation Officer with Merseyside Probation. He receives his Award for his work with offenders, especially those with complex needs, over more than 30 years in the field, and specifically for his work at HMP Liverpool in the 14 years he has spent there. He brings dedication, skill and compassion to all aspects of his role, and passionately believes that, with the right support, all offenders have the capacity to change their lives for the better. 
Oct 27, 2013


AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Denyse is a Prison Officer at HMP Grendon. Described by her Governor as “an amazing person”, and in her nomination as “a true credit to her establishment and the Service [as a whole]”, she receives her Award for her outstanding work as an officer in general, but in particular for her contribution to driving forward the equalities and diversity agenda in the establishment, much of it on her own initiative and in her own time. (This Award is supported by Serco Home Affairs.)
Oct 26, 2013

ANDREW SMALL (HMP Huntercombe)

AWARD WINNER 2013-14: Andrew was nominated for his inspirational work as a PE Senior Officer at HMP Huntercombe. By training prisoners to work as personal trainers across the jail, introducing a wide range of activities tailored to different abilities and interests, providing personal support to individual prisoners, and working closely with the prison’s mental health and safeguarding departments, he has transformed not only the lives of prisoners but also the health of the establishment as a whole. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA).
Oct 23, 2013

ANGIE BATHAM (Staffordshire & West Midlands Probation)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Senior Probation Officer: for contributions to public protection through the management of high risk offenders. 
Oct 22, 2013

MICK BODY (HMP Birmingham)

COMMENDEE 2013-14: Custody Officer: for contributions to the management and care of older prisoners, and those with complex social care needs. 
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