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Aug 9, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Brenda is the inspiration and driving force behind Families First at HMP & YOI Doncaster. Families First aims to reduce reoffending by helping prisoners to maintain and develop relationships with their partners and children through initiatives, facilitated by fully trained staff, such as toddler mornings, family days and “Daddy Newborn”, in which fathers can spend time with their newborn child in a specially designed room. None of this would have happened without Brenda’s vision and refusal to take “no” for an answer. (This Award is supported by the […]
Aug 8, 2012

CAT JONES (HMP & YOI Doncaster)

AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Cat is Artistic Director and the creative force behind Second Shot Productions at HMP & YOI Doncaster. Second Shot employ prisoners, ex-offenders and others to deliver a range of professional services from film making and graphic design through to drama therapy and arts projects, both in the prison and for outside customers. Offenders are trained towards an industry recognised qualification and many find related jobs on release, some with Second Shot. Profits from all commercial work are fed back in to the company. (This Award is supported by […]
Aug 7, 2012


AWARD WINNERS 2011-12: Four Officers, an SO and a Senior Psychologist from HMP Gartree, receive their Award for their work on a specialist 12 bed unit for lifers with particularly challenging behaviours. The unit employs enhanced case management techniques, and specially developed systems of monitoring, compacts and behavioural contracts, to help prisoners improve their behaviours and return to normal location better prepared to progress through the lifer system. Each of the winners has played a significant role in the unit’s success since its launch in early 2010. (This Award is supported […]
Aug 6, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Janet works for Manchester College as a Lecturer at HMP Kennet. Through her efforts she has significantly enhanced the educational provision for prisoners with dyslexia, ADHD and related issues, becoming an expert in assessing and addressing complex learning needs, and working tirelessly to raise awareness of such issues across the prison. She has also developed links with outside agencies to help ensure that prisoners’ needs continue to be met on release and enhance their chances of finding employment. (On behalf of The Bromley Trust, Janet is also awarded […]
Aug 5, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Officer Raistrick wins his Award for his work on the vulnerable prisoner unit, B1, at HMP Leeds. The unit links closely with psychology, education, and the mental health in-reach and safer custody teams. It has had excellent results, helping to reduce self harm and improve prisoners’ coping skills, and equipping most of its residents to return to normal location. B1 was Phil’s idea, he has been the driving force behind it since its inception, and the unit has been identified as an example of good practice by HMCIP. […]
Aug 4, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Officer Naughton has transformed the training and employment opportunities for prisoners at HMP Liverpool. Since his appointment as Employment Liaison Officer, Keith has focused on developing partnership arrangements with local businesses (such as Timpsons, among many others) to train and provide work for offenders within the prison and offer them employment after their release. At the same time, he runs his workshops at a profit, raising additional funds to put back in to the prison regime. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers Association).
Aug 3, 2012

FAWZI T FAWZI (London Probation Trust)

AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Described as a “visionary”, as Head of IT Development at London Probation, Fawzi had the idea for and has overseen the introduction of an IT system which has brought huge improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, enables managers to better manage their staff, allows staff to better manage the offenders in their care, and helps everyone in London Probation to keep informed and up to date. LondonNet complements the national OMNI system and Fawzi is now developing similar systems for other Trusts. (This Award is supported by the Indigo […]
Aug 2, 2012

KATE KNIGHT (Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust)

AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Kate receives her Award for her outstanding practice a Probation Officer at Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, as an offender manager and as a champion of good practice and role model and inspiration to her colleagues. Among very many comments in support of her nomination, Kate is described by her manager as “an exceptional member of staff” and  by a former colleague as “without doubt the finest practitioner I have worked with”, while one of former her clients said, “she has turned my life around, she is just […]
Aug 1, 2012


AWARD WINNER 2011-12: Cathryn is Head Pharmacist at Swansea. Against considerable resistance she has turned the pharmacy from one described by HMCIP as “barely legal” in 2005 to a beacon of excellence. She has improved staff training, developed standard operating procedures on all aspects of medication handling, introduced nurse-prescribing of drug detox medication on reception, set up specialist prescribing and overdose prevention services for drug users, increased “in possession” medication rates from 20% to 80%, and improved health outcomes for prisoners. (This Award is supported by G4S Care and Justice Services).
Jul 22, 2012


COMMENDEE 2011-12: SO Withers is commended for his excellent work on secondment from HMP Bristol to the Integrated Offender Management Scheme, which targets prolific offenders in the city.
Jul 21, 2012


COMMENDEES 2011-12: Officer Boyles, with Stephanie, Piers and Adam from RAPt, are commended for their contributions to tackling alcohol dependency among prisoners at HMP Bullingdon.
Jul 20, 2012

KATHLEEN FENWICK (County Durham Youth Offending Service)

COMMENDEE 2011-12: Kate is commended for her excellent contribution over 10 years as a passionate, dedicated and highly respected volunteer with County Durham Youth Offending Service.
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